Chris Ray Chappell

Mind Body Integration

What you can do

Your health and strength is not defined by image, what you imagine however can become your lived experience
Join me online for the an integrative foundation practice mapping out the Internal drivers for optimal health and intelligent exercise
encompassing Qi ( breath ) Gong ( effort ) to develop your innate potential.


“Inner strength arises when your mind, energy and physiology synchronise” CRC


A little stress can make you stronger -- distress however, can destroy you.

Taoist approaches to conflict

Taoism is a philosophy for life.
a process to re balance

Physical health practices

You develop the mind through the body and physical practice is essential.

Internal methods

It all begins with breathing and posture.

Presence of mind

From breathing and posture you will slowly learn to access the mind.

Use your body as a method of total self-development

When you access the mind, you will have the capacity to be totally self-aware.

Take the first step to living your best internal life by accessing your mind-body connection.

About Chris Ray Chappell

Chris Ray Chappell has worked professionally in Film and Theatre as an actor, dancer and choreographer, fight director. Since 1995 he dedicated his time mainly to the teaching and researching Taoist Internal Arts and Tibetan Mind training practices. He has been visiting China since 2004 to investigate first hand these arts via active lineages in Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Hsing-I and Qi Gong practices.

Over a 50 plus year time frame he has trained with masters in various fields of expertise. Beginning with Wado Ryu Karate Do in 1973 and then later studying at the now legendary Earlham Street Dojo under Steve Morris 1979/80 . Later Chris studied Classical Ballet at Rambert School and went on to be a founder member of Central School of Ballet with Christopher Gable. In Contemporary Dance Graham technique Chris was fortunate to train with a major principle of the Martha Graham Company the inspirational William Louther.

Chris holds lineages in Tai Chi Chuan, Cheng Ba Gua Zhang and Hsing-I and Hun Yuan Qi Gong. Being an indoor student of the late Grandmaster Tian Ying Jia provided many insights into Yang family Tai Chi Chuan practice that are not in the public domain which he  later supplemented by private study with Master Robert Boyd 2nd Disciple of late Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak.

Chris has broadened his research to include study with Master Practitioners of western body work, in the 1980’s Chris studied and   taught Pilates in London. Chris also studied the ground breaking myo-fascial Bodywork of Thomas Myers and Dissection studies with Gil Headly as well as Hypno-analysis with Neil French.

Chris has studied with several Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoches over the past 20 years his main teachers being Chögyal Namkhai Norbu . He graduated in 2018 the Martsang Kagyu Lam Rim ( Mind Training ) after 5 years of private study with HH Gangri Karma Rinpoche.

What our clients say

“Chris Ray is a rare instructor who is able to combine an understanding of modern physiology with the traditional practices of qigong and martial arts. He draws on his deep experience of dance, martial arts, meditation and yoga to explain synchronised mind and body control in a manner that is concise and practical. Over almost two decades, I have worked with Chris and witnessed him develop his students based on their individual requirements, from rehabilitation through to peak physical and mental performance. It takes personal commitment and is not easy, but if you are looking to make profound change with a dedicated and sincere instructor, then I cannot recommend Chris Ray highly enough."
Julian McIntyre
CEO of McIntyre Partners
“Chris Chappell has an approach to the internal arts which is simple: does it work and can you learn it? In this, he follows a traditional Chinese logic. The Chinese don't ask why, they ask how. Chris combines utterly fearless practicality with a ruthless eye for perfection and a nose for bullshit. In all our China adventures, I have had to rely on him for guidance. Chris has insights into bodywork which amaze me, and his continuing education, most recently in Myo-fascial Integration, is testament to his high standards and restless search for perfection. There is no better person in England, and perhaps in Europe, who can teach Chi Gong and Tai Chi, than Chris Chappell. I am proud to call him my colleague, but he is also my mentor, and my Tai Chi Elder Brother. If it's Internal Arts you seek, look no further.”
Jan Golden
Dir. Tai Chi

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