Integration via basic awareness

I have met many many people over the years who have come for rehabilitation from injury that is the result of misuse of the body and a paucity of preparation…

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360 degrees of feeling

Sometimes we may think that we are living in the moment and yet still not feel very light nor expansive inside. Being fixated and even mindful is not the panacea…

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The Nei Yeh verse VIII

This verse is an essential reference to the core of the Taoist traditions of self cultivation and meditation.

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Embodied events

Every event is a thought about an event and all actions of emotional significance leaves a trace in the soma, from the womb to this so called present moment. We…

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Excerpt from the Power of standing

When engaging in a standing meditative practice, bring your attention to the body and we simply observe how the body is right now. Sense the amplitude of bodily feeling. How…

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