ONLINE: Introduction to Hun Yuan Qi Gong

ONLINE: Introduction to Hun Yuan Qi Gong


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01-11-2020 @ 11:00 AM
01-11-2020 @ 12:30 PM


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An introduction to practical Qi Gong ( Integrative Mind, Breath and Body Control )

Sunday 1st November 2020  Time 11am – 12.30pm  investment /  £40  

Explore the unique Hun Yuan Qi Gong system of mind/ body Integration. This extremely accessible set for everyday people, performers or athletes  and those seeking  balance in an extremely unbalanced world. You can access extraordinary results in relaxation, movement, health and performance.  I am a professional coach and I invite you to experience the foundation of any and all Nei Gong ( internal work ) and Qi Gong ( breath work )

I will introduce to you the foundation of Classical and Modern Qi Gong.  Explore with me the experiential aspects of what is known as the balancing of Heaven, Earth and Human experience, no mystery or false promise of mastery or quick fixes.  

 Begin a simple process of mind and body coordinated movement that progressively works to open your body up so you can relieve anxiety and stress so you can live in comfortably and get the best out of living. 

I am a professional coach of movement, energy cultivation and the mind body connection.  Learn how to clear blockages and energy sapping habits without pounding the body to exhaustion.  I will present to you simple tools based on a philosophy of mind and body passed to me by mentors, masters and teachers from many disciplines. 

You can certainly mitigate distress right now and at best you can, with correct focus know the path to mitigate and even obviate, pain, injury and obstacles to performance. Learn essential concepts to be well and perform to your best. Join the many dancers, singers, actors, circus performers, martial artists. chef’s, sportsmen, golfers, cyclists, CEO’s, lawyers, fund managers, Personal assistants, cafe owners, P.R advisors, computer tech’s and designers , administrators, mothers, and numerous others who have trained with me via the RT Studio London 

Learn how to manage and understand hidden distress patterns through movement, alignment and intention.  

My job is to help change the way you work with your body and this will automatically enhance your sport, exercise, meditation or whatever you undertake. A quality Qi Gong can make your body super smart and can mitigate blockages and potentially clear them altogether ( if you want that ) .  In a nutshell I help others to unlearn restrictive patterns and free up the body and hence the mind.

The things you think are intractable, seemingly permanent states of being are the distress signals that are habitually accumulated via distraction, these states are amenable to movement and working through the body. The way to being open and free is through the body, 

Hun Yuan Qi Gong is a very direct system of exercise to help you the integrate the mind, body and your energy. Leaving you calmly aware and energised. Its benefits are many and varied for those who take up a regular self practice. You can mitigate, circulatory, respiratory issues alongside many aspects of joint pain, heal injuries and reduce the negative effects of stress.

This is a  workshop on the classical Hun yuan Set. You will be introduced to the a method to directly settle the mind and  the body, you will learn basic alignments to enhance the whole body.  We will cover Hun Yuan Qi Gong Foundation Movement ( Clearing and  Cleansing Internally) and some self massage techniques. 

Why not join us for further online training?

If the introduction resonates for you then there is the  opportunity to learn the complete set online with our established teaching sessions where I coach the movements in detail and guide you through the practice. 


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