Introduction to Hun Yuan Qi Gong


Introduction to Hun Yuan Qi Gong

by realtaoism

Date And Time

08-02-2020 @ 11:00 AM
18-01-2020 @ 04:00 PM


Aldgate Venue

This is a stand alone introduction to the art of Hun Yuan ( Eternal Circle) Primoridal Qi Gong.

11am -4pm  investment/ cost  £80

Hun Yuan Qi Gong is a very direct system of exercise to help you the integrate the mind, body and your energy. Leaving you calmly aware and energized. Its benefits are many and varied for those who take up a regular self practice. You can mitigate, circulatory, respiratory issuers alongside many aspects of joint pain, heal injuries and effect a  reduction of stress.

This is an intensive workshop on the classical Hun yuan Set. You will be introduced to the a method to directly settle the mind and  the body, you will learn basic alignments to enhance the whole body.  We will cover Hun Yuan Qi Gong 1-3 and some closing self massage techniques.

Why not join us for a refresher?

How we perform daily is always  improved through relaxation in action.  There are specific principles of alignment to consider  to gain the optimal results from your body. This workshop introduces you to the basic Grammar for authentic mind body integration. The body also greatly impacts our mind and this link will be explained in non mystical terms.   An internal approach  to movement and exercise sharpens inner perception and awareness. This workshop is for anyone of any level of health or skill.


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