Online Ongoing Qi Gong Schedule for Existing Students 2021


Online Ongoing Qi Gong Schedule for Existing Students 2021

by realtaoism

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Online Qi Gong Classes during the Lockdown period: 

For people that have attended an introduction classes or a personal session or are former students of RT London UK. These sessions are currently focussed to develop your Intermediate level Qi Gong practice. 

The Evening Teaching classes are: I hour 

Monday 6:30pm and  Saturday  9:30am

In these classes you will receive explanations of the Hun Yuan Qi Gong movements and intermediate level instruction on, breathing, setting micro alignments, body scanning, working with your current body and
mind capacity and enhancing it 1 hour

Free Practice Sessions for online members: 45 mins These are run through of the foundation set.

Tuesday 8am, Wednesday 8am, Thursday 8am,

These sessions include different dissolving meditations and led run through practice of
the Hun Yuan set. In these sessions you will put into practice what has been learnt during the
teaching classes and/or your one to ones with Chris. You can to attend as many of
these as possible to establish and maintain confidence in your personal practice.
Duration: 45 mins

Please contact us directly for  booking details to set up your subscription access to this class




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