Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong Online Training September 2021


Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong Online Training September 2021

by realtaoism

Date And Time

04-09-2021 @ 10:00 AM
02-04-2021 @ 11:30 AM


Purelands Retreat Centre


Langholm, Scotland


Dragon and Tiger Medical Qi Gong Online Training

 8 sessions over 8 weeks/ Starts Sept 4th 2021

Investment: inclusive of Tuition and Meridian Tracing:  £160 waged or by donation

Health sadly cannot be bought, however, we can gain knowledge that we can apply to keep our mind and body in balance. Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong ( Breath and Movement work ) offer a low-impact method to mitigate and help you positively influence your life by releasing tension and stagnation from the body and profoundly calm the mind. This Qi Gong is excellent support for people who are struggling with bodies that compromise the mind.  Meditators for example can easily forget that the body and the energy must be balanced for the mind to calm.  This Qi Gong is a superb tool for developing one’s intention and ability to sense subtle energy. This is why I recommended this Qi Gong for acupuncture students at the College of Integrated Chinese medicine in Reading UK. Qi Gong can help greatly in managing one’s own personal energy as well as preventing burnout for anyone in high-pressure jobs and situations.

I look forward to teaching this fascinating Qi Gong, which has been a foundation teaching at my studio since 1997 and for which I have dedicated much research into myofascial anatomy studies and the correlation to Meridian theory and meditation.

I have been a full-time instructor for over 30 years running one of the few dedicated centres in the UK. The Real Taoism Studio in London, where people have gained far-reaching insights into the mind-body connection and become first class practitioners.

Qi Gong energy work can help smooth out your nerves and calm the mind in the process.
Dragon and Tiger is  7 movement system.




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