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Frozen in Time

Do you want things to remain as they were? You know the good bits, not the bad bits. Surely no one would want to repeat events that wreaked havoc in their lives.

Inevitably, we meet people who jump from one relationship to another in a reactive way, only to end up feeling the same despair and disappointment when this new circumstance or person does not match the expectation of happiness. The idea that someone else will make you whole or complete has always seemed like a desperate psycho-emotional projection. Even so, it all has to end at some point.

However, at some juncture, everyone will fall foul of expecting someone else to make them happy. When we find no peace of mind within our dimension, we wish to receive happiness from others. Any expectation that others can save you from your self-manifested emotional mess leads to a terrible descent into an ice box of jumbled-up hope and fears.

There are those of us who remain trapped in a time warp—in a self-limiting and entirely inherited original sin state that freezes the outer edges of the soul. Concomitantly you could escape the frozen fragments of inner feeling by projecting a fantasy of some future ideal. In a desperate bid to ignore the jagged edges of the past, we can end up repeating it.

The early Christian fathers like St. Gregory of Palamas would emphasise the concept of freeing yourself from the dead past. For many of us, undigested emotional shocks may manifest when we cast our minds into the past. That a place, a sound, a smell, or the sight of hair sensuously resting over a shoulder reminds you of some temporary bliss is a wake-up call, not a place of refuge. Instead, we can remain anchored to the past, along with the frozen remnants of dead thoughts and dead feelings. Letting go of that dead past is your freedom from living in a perpetual winter.

Grasping at the past robs you of the present and the rich potential that is ready to be born. Birth and death are our constant companions, from one moment to the next, and you must understand that death is not something to fear. Being born into awful circumstances is far worse a proposition.

Observing the past and projecting rehashed feelings onto what was not so great is a straightforward proposition that may not be a good idea. In fact, by witnessing your history, you have, in a sense, to allow the mind and body to throw off the burden of judging others for what they acted out in your presence. Self-thinking is the root of suffering and creates freezing in so-called time. By defrosting yourself, a new sense of freedom is possible. No one can bestow that gift; it has to be self-realised.

Daily I come back to the idea that the EGO, the unacknowledged script editor of the now, is a self-perpetuating delusion that feels so real that we allow it to run unabated. A new ice- age is coming. You must own the thermostat.

I have learned in time that we are monumentally distracted at every turn and that the forces of distraction are hyper-driven, mainly due to AI and the new religion that pimps it out.

We can move in an unimpeded fashion and transmit to others an uplifted attitude for life in an unfrozen, warm and open state. We indeed owe it to the children to work on ourselves and banish all fear, so they do not learn to freeze up as we have.

Be ice-free to have safe passage through life so that what freezes in one moment in time will unfreeze the next. CRC 2022