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Letting Go into Emptiness


Wu + Without/ None/ No
Ji = limits

Without limits refers to limitless space. There is an art to letting go that is not taught in schools. There is a term in single-leg post standing in IMA ( Internal Martial Arts ) called Universal Post. Beyond the physical aspect of such a standing practice is an idea that as manifested beings, we originated from something, yet that something is space itself, non-existent. Something arises out of nothing, meaning there is a potential in this vast endless expanse of space. We come out of it, and we return to it.

I encourage you to establish this as a basis for your exercise. Remember that everyday life is exercise. Movement can be dynamic or slow; ideally, you balance the Yang and Yin of living. If you are getting no benefit from your practice, you must work out why so that you do not stumble blindly on Instagram or Facebook for answers.

So here we have it, the standing posture. Training will always be a chore and a burden if you are a character who has to get things right or be a perfectionist. Wuji is a no-way forward or backwards place to take you out of time for a moment. Respite from all distractions.

Remember, it is you who are responsible for yourself. Wuji practice is only a 5-minute affair, and I encourage you to drop into the potential of Wuji anywhere at any time within reason and not when crossing the road.

So you feel off-balance and nervous when you are about to go into a meeting. Well, you could stand right where you are and rest momentarily in standing and ground your energy. The physical part stops, cuts to stillness, and returns to Zero. You are, in some sense dying on the spot to be reborn in the next moment. That is so! When you become familiar, then standing becomes an anchor that you can drop at the moment in real-time.

Drop that fucking anchor and rest. Stay in port and get your affairs in order. Rest up, stock up, recuperate, get laid, make a sketch, flower arrange, whatever. Wuji gives you back wasted time because time no longer exists. You are breaking out of the matrix for 5 minutes. You may be surprised by what you can discover.

Be right where you are, steady as a mountain and surrender yourself on the spot. You are ready to move again from a revived point of balance.

Stand in the Wuji posture, eyes closed, eyes open, or half-closed/ open.
With an attitude of naked and bare witnessing, relax and let go.

That’s it.

Get up, take a pee and Wuji.
Go to bed without dread, Wuji.

The rest is up to you.

Love and Tao C