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The Nei Yeh verse VIII

If you can be aligned and tranquil
Only then can you be stable
With a stable mind at your core
With eyes and ears acute and clear
And with the four limbs firm and fixed
You can therefore make a lodging place for the vital essence
The vital essence: it is the essence of vital energy
When the vital energy is guided: it (the vital essence) is generated
But when it is generated there is thought
When there is thought there is knowledge
But when there is knowledge, then you must stop
Whenever the forms of the mind have excessive knowledge
You lose your vitality

Translated by David. H. Roth

This verse is an essential reference to the core of the Taoist traditions of self cultivation and meditation. Note the emphasis on the human form, the actual body itself. Note that concept of Qi is not mentioned in this verse. It is unnecessary to create power or to think power. You already possess energy. It is enough to align the body and calm the mind (via the medium of the breath that will naturally settle and stabilise).
The power will gradually come on its own.
CRC 2018

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