Is your Body Keeping the Score ?

Is your Body Keeping the Score ?

It may be no surprise to find out that our bodies keep a record of our injuries, insults, memories, and it stores emotional patterns, especially events that impacted at a young and tender age.

As we journey through life we learn to form many strategies to cope with the memories of past experiences. Over time we start to live out life unconsciously and express attitudes that we decided at some point would serve our career and relationships. One person tries constantly to please others whilst another person craves attention and fame. These are all tensions. We protect our sense of self by developing stories about who we are, where we are going and how where are going to get there. We then strive to keep up this pretense. This is the nature of personality.

By gaining a little awareness of how our personality ( ego structure) can negatively affect us allows for space and openness to arise as an inner experience. This is an opportunity for health and real happiness. A naturally arising joy.

Historical, highly charged emotional responses that were driven into our bodies form a false sense of who we are. But that is not who we really are at all.

The bad news is that this inner tension can develop into, phobias, irrational fears, obsessive and compulsive attitudes, and physical illness.

The good news is they are illusory, they are no more real than a bad dream, the personality and the so-called ego defenses are an aspect of a fragmented mind and body. A body and mind can re-balance.

We can stop the energy drain by first waking up to the fact that internal tension wastes energy and robs you of health.

This is why a Qi Gong system can greatly help with the re-integration process.

We can start by learning to relax, which is a major part of Qi Gong and Internal Arts practice. The sheer bliss of calmly regulating your breathing is worth experiencing.

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