Why it is so important to not negate the body to the Ego

Why it is so important to not negate the body to the Ego

The body is your total experience, your feeling and emotional responses are a sum total of your whole existence from birth to death.

You can perceive and accept yourself intrinsically and extrinsically in an ecological sense, the sense that we are all the same in the face of a socio-political machine that encourages exponential personal megalomaniacal living at the expense of self and others.

This escape via external distraction to the reality of the inner life of feeling, incrementally produces a slow death, a draining of energy, money, self realisation and health.

The human body is a manifestation of elements that are neither separate nor obviously joined. We: being a diaphenous concoction of mainly space with a perceived solidity run through with electrified consciousness.

Free all personal energy that is blocked and harness energy that is being wasted. Manage what you have. Rather than deny feeling, pain and circumstance work with it, be it, so it can be seen through as simply self induced limitation.

Accepting pain and depression, anxiety and elation need not be a problem, instead it can be a blessing, because it is the key to freeing up your energy, harnessing it for what you want to achieve and is meaningful.

Go in there and rest well, align your body, calm and regulate your breathing, recognise what is happening in your internal environment and realise that you are not alone.

Billions of others go through the exact same pains. It is unique for people to develop a practice to balance you body to regulate your ego and unique because as others line up for the latest fashion accessory you will know that that is just meaningless and that its not important.

To misinterpret at best or at worst to totally ignore the body only negates the foundation of your existence in this life.

Develop and nurture a curiosity about you body and mind. Hone perceptions of how much the body influences our mind and cultivate a sense of peace with your body.

Practices that calm you and help you integrate with your energy can only benefit you and those you come into contact with. If you have any accumulated trauma in your body this can be gradually dissolved and accessing that blocked energy can be directed at creative ideas and projects.

Finally the Ego is a defense against feeling. The ego being a self created fantasy, self actuated, created in defense of who your really believe you are. Left unsupervised the ego will collect unhappiness and send you the bill. Align the body so that the mind can rest.

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