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Why Pelvic Alignment is Important

Let’s take a look at the importance of the internal Life of the Pelvis. 

The Pelvis is a gateway to the spine and abdomen and your gateway to your legs. Contrary to medical orthodoxy, the Pelvis does not support the weight of your upper body. It is the ground that supports your whole body weight. When your connections are physically and energetically functional, there will be an overall sense of ease, strength and intrinsic balance. The internal condition of your Pelvis is equally if not more important than the external appearance. 

The Pelvis is physiologically a very complex structure. Poor blood flow to and from the area is vital for health. The exit points of the body must function well, or our body can become toxic. A disease of the bowel, prostate, bladder, ovaries, testes, womb does not suddenly appear. These are internal to your issues when compared to hip and groin pain. 

However, ignoring aches and pains over time can lead to much worse outcomes when you consider that the pain you may feel could be your early warning signal of deeper pathologies. No need to be afraid because if you pay attention to your body and desire a functional body that does not require gut-wrenching amounts of strain, then I believe you have come to the right place. 

I will not go into the emotional ramifications, Pelvic holding patterns or the sexual dysfunction from intense training and exercise addiction. Enough to reiterate that the Pelvis is a pandora’s box of unacknowledged energy issues. 

For the purpose of this post, we will stick to the 3 types of problems that individuals may have and then I will tell you how I have approached them experientially.

Number One. Pelvic Obliquity, what a mouthful that is. P.O one hip is higher than the other. When a therapist claims you have one leg longer than the other, this is due in nearly every case to connective tissue, myo-facial problem and rarely is it that the length of one of your bones in the leg is actually longer. We will call them imbalances that can lead to other issues with the lower spine, knees and ankles. 

Number Two. Blood flow. There are arterial and venous problems in the Abdomen and Pelvis that can negatively affect organ function when inhibited or obstructed, causing ruptures, internal bleeding, inflammatory issues, cystitis, IBS etc. Of course, Oxygen is carried in the blood and is vital for cellular health. Let us note that a cancer cell is a cell that lacks Oxygen, a discovery attributed to Dr Otto Warburg and his team. Warburg investigated the metabolism of tumours, and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells, and in 1931 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology for his “discovery of the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme”.

Getting oxygen-rich blood to vital organs is an aim of Qi Gong and Internal Arts Practice in general, and to be fair of all movement arts that stress astute self-directed practice.  

It is probably a great idea to keep your airways open and unobstructed both from an external point of view and from an internal point of view. Any obstruction to the Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide flow into your body and visa-versa out of your body is a direct threat to your health. If you consider Otto Warburg’s discovery, you are ahead of most of the medical community and your average G.P. 

Number Three. Adhesions, scar tissue, and inter uterine scar tissue cause much suffering. The problems that women go through are horrendous. The causes can range from surgery or infection. I need to say that inflammation can lead to scarring inside the body. The inflammatory environment inside us is due to the long term ingestion of processed food, pesticides, antibiotics and chemicals that are abundant in our lives.  

From my experience, the internal massaging effect of mindfully undertaken abdominal and Pelvic movement is a powerful tool in your health regime and is one way to mitigate scarring. 

My purpose in internal arts practice is mainly to externally reintegrate a body that has been overused, abused, neglected. I am making no outstanding claims other than misalignment of the Pelvis is worth correcting and can have profound healing results. 

A lot of energy can get stuck in the pelvic region, and any release here of tension can have a very positive impact on your health and quality of life. A healthy pelvis for an athlete sports enthusiast will support your overall body control and transmission of force/ strength.  ( Athletes need deep core support )  this can be discussed later in a bespoke post.

Sorting out your pelvic restrictions, obstructions can offer you a new lease of life and aid in your overall internal organ health. Please feel free to leave questions or comments below.

You can join me for an online beginner’s introduction to Contemporary and Classical Qi Gong. There I will help you get a start to see if my Internal art approach suits you and be of benefit. 

x-ray lumbar spine show degenerative change of disc and body of the spine